Sunday, 21 April 2013


Moles - the hair's not working, the rabbits munching and hey-la-day-la the blackbird's back, hacking at himself in the windows at the back of the house, making a terrible mess as he has accidents in his excitement. I shall have to get some new expandable trellis and fit it into the window space on the outside - worked last time, took it down, thought he had gone away.

Oh! Yes, and the pheasants are mating right outside my study window, she reluctant(ish), he hop on, wham bam done and off. He follows her everywhere like a guard and yesterday was attacking wood pigeons under the feeder - I mean, it is not as if they would give her a second look, is it. However, if you look closely, her brown plumage is magnificent, not so gaudy as the boss, but fabulous.
He, obviously, is totally at the mercy of his hormones and his jealous mind. She is his Coo Ca Choo.

I have mown the lawn again using both mowers, big one for mass grass removal, small one for the boggy bits, difficult of access bits and awkward corners.

We survived the gale last week with only a few twigs off the ash trees and my Dwarf on his side, now put up again.

First beetroot and carrots sown as are first broad beans. I have covered the beetroot with alkathene hoops and netting to try and keep off the piddocks,  (pigeons). A new sage plant has been put in and paths have been weeded. Ah! Yes, weeding - it's only just begun.
Out from behind the shed have come my carefully saved bean sticks (bean sticks are a bit like pea sticks but larger) and these have been shoved in to support the broad beans when and if they come up.

Yesterday was a glorious day - how spring should be - but this morning is cooler and darker. I can smell the rain in the air. I am not sure my wife believes me when I say things like, 'It is going to snow, I can smell it.' But I can (or I am fantasising). It is surprising sometimes what can get up one's nose.

I you look at the image of the willow tunnel taken just over a week ago and then at the view from the house you can see how the garden has greened in such a short time with the warmth and rain.

The willow image also shows one of the new plantings we did of daffodils in the autumn. They are not doing quite as well as I had hoped but there happens to be a line of mole hills down each side. The mind of Mowdywarp mystifies me - why just in the line of the trees? Such a strange solitary creature living in its dark world. What fantastic hands though (R says - not hands - paws or something but not hands) for digging. With mitts like that who needs a spade.
Actually, if you look at paws, whatever, especially rodent 'paws', they are just like little hands - Oh! Hands, that is what they are.

Bama lama bama loo, that blackbird's at it again. Its latin name is Turdus merula. I am not sure about the merula bit but the other part is all over the window, the wall and the ground.
Must go, bucket in hand.
Anyone know an avian psychiatrist?

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