Friday, 12 April 2013

. . . WOULD A WOOING GO . . .

Hey-ho said A. Riley.
A-croaking and mating and all that stuff, taddies and spawn and you will notice that these two froggies are different colours.
So which is which we thought and watched. The paler brown frog came out on top so we assume that this is the male, or a male or a matriarch.
The grid you can see is my anti heron device - a bit of old concrete reinforcement mesh chucked over the pond corner where all the activity goes on.
They don't half croak, sounds more like they have a frog in the throat (except it is all bulgy cheek action.)

The Grandchildren have been here (4 and 7) which has been fantastic but we are a little phew! now.

With their mother's help, 2 more pieces of mesh, willow wands from the top garden and an old rhododendron bush we made a den. The photo shows the entrance between the stems of the bush.
Next plan is a swing on a branch nearby. You can see we even had a doorstep.

Yesterday it rained - Hooray! I never thought I would ever say that again by the end of last year but that and the rise in temperature has transformed the garden - tulips are budding (two out), anemones, wood and otherwise, pulmonary, first forgetmenots - everything is bursting out all over (and it is only April (not June)).

Soon the soil will be warm enough to put in plants, sow seed outdoors and such. The sweet peas and cosmos have germinated in the utility room - warmth, no greenhouse - fingers crossed.

We sat in the sun down by the Wendy House and listened to the dulcet tones of Froggy and Co. Winter is finally over!!

The last image is a long lens portrait of out garden mower, not the mechanical one but the one that has the name, Oryctolagus cuniculus, or Peter, sitting under the Davidia scratching itself in the sun. It sat there for over an hour before lolloping off in a blasé manner towards the veg beds. Now you know why we have fencing around our precious produce.
And look how fat it is. This makes me wonder if it is a female with  a litter of mini buns in the oven? Nightmares are made of this.

So, poor old Monty Don has been blamed for the weather being cold and, sensibly, saying not to sow seed and shove bedding plants into such chilly soil.

You tell 'em Monty - at least someone is thinking, 'Common Sense" "Nous" (pronounced to rhyme with mouse) spring to mind. 
Anyway you can buy your veg at Lock's Garage. It is a four hour journey for me to get there.

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