Thursday, 6 June 2013


The gooseberry bushes are laden with fruit but today the sawfly has made its appearance and just to make things worse, here comes the mildew.
The squashes I planted have suffered - only two surviving, but the tomatoes are ok.

Germination has been sporadic with beetroot and carrots and I have made the old memory gone faux pas - the squashes were planted where I had sown other things. I thought - oh yes I will remember where I sowed the stuff - and forgot. It will be most interesting to see what comes up where.

Just been to SRs to see her garden and have come away with a car boot full of stuff including a Viburnum plic. mariesii - the one with horizontal branches of white flowers. She has given us two of the smaller comfreys - bright blue and white - and lots of lovely Cosmos.
I need a greenhouse. That does not necessarily mean I want a greenhouse, can think where to put a greenhouse, can afford a greenhouse. (Glasshouse in US)

Down the garden we have been trying to create contrasting tree colour - six white birches against a backdrop of mature trees including a copper beech.
For our ruby wedding R gave me the tree shown, its purple leaves showing up well in front of the far path up to the wood.

The house martins and swallows are here, not here, nesting, not so doing - the bird world is crazy. We know the pheasants have at least one chick but they are elusive in the long grass.

We have now had a warm dry spell for the first time this year - had to use sun cream and an awful floppy hat - the sort of object the Nesbit children would have worn when confronting  It.
Watering is becoming an increasing necessity which is ok for us as we have a borehole. I did make the mistake of not having a tap put down by the veg beds when we built the house but, as I did not then know where they were going to be . . . !
A shower would not go unwelcome but at night please.

Surely it is time we did something about the weather - summers where it is sunny in the day (not too hot for me please) and then a few gentle showers of rain at night?
Then that would be a fictitious place a bit like Cawthwaite or Shangri-la - Ah! Remember, walking in the sand . . . . . .

I am a non glove wearer - you cannot feel the weeds with them on. Oh Yes I will wear them when dealing with brambles, roses and nettles - well, most of the time.
But I have them black 'uns, grubby and tatty ( and bitten).
Of course bitten - I mean finding the gooseberry bushes covered in mildew and sawfly is enough to maker anyone chew their nails. (Not R as she nips into town and has them done!)

And all them little old creases in the hands and fingers get black - Swarfega I hear a cry - you can use washing-up liquid and white spirit - similar thing - but it don't half dry out the skin.
R, I cry, where's the hand cream?
Not the smelly one.

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