Friday, 5 July 2013


Today we have cutting of grass.
Last week we had cutting of grass.
Next week we will have cutting of grass.
To quote Molesworth - 'Tomow and tomow and tomow...', 'Chiz!' (For those abroad - a book of childish stories about an English school called St Custard's by Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle.) "Hello, birds, hello flowers," said Fotherington-Thomas.

Back to the garden - we also have to shear and to strim and to sickle . . .

3 grey squirrels in one day this week - bait Kit Kat or choc' teacake (and a few nuts).

This is the point in the summer when a bit extra is required as nature tries to get out of hand. Some parts of the garden will be left to their own devices, other parts need a little control. (Some parts need a lot of control.) I have contemplated developing some ingenious labour saving devices such as using the pigeons to pull out the weeds in the paths, getting the pheasants to trample areas or harnessing the squirrels to the mower but there have arisen certain difficulties over this!

Here is A Way Through the Woods, one small mower wide flanked by long grass and wild flowers under a canopy of hawthorn, all lower branches and twigs removed to 5 feet height. There is a small network of such paths in the wood and the wild area with one plank bridges over the small stream.

The week ahead is set fair with high pressure building (cannot believe it) and sun and warmth forecast. The outcome of this is that it will be too hot to work in the garden - lifting a glass with ice tinkling in it will be excessive exercise. (This will not be helped by the lemon, tonic, gin and borage flower also in the glass.)

The way through the willow tunnel is two small mowers wide. I should have planted them further apart so I could use the sit-on but hindsight is a very annoying thing.

This is where the chimes were (was?) hung but R could not hear them so they have been moved nearer the house where she can (if the wind blows) and I can reach a bit easier. In the previous location there is now a long piece of washing line hanging from the tree as I cannot reach the top to cut it off. Suggestions (polite) as to what I can do with this piece of line please.
R does the flowers for her church so what to put in this weekend? It looks like alchemilla and catmint (hope the pong is not too strong nor offensive) with white valerian (hope no one eats it) and tree lupin. Roses do not really last long enough and shower petals as they fall.

So, Whizzo, here we go!

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