Saturday, 5 October 2013


And there it was on the peanut feeder, a beautiful brown rat - cue wobbly from R and off to the WC Farmer's shop for a trap - now baited with piece of Twix bar (personally I prefer Kit Kat but ain't got none) in a brick tunnel under feeder.

We have voles and wood mice, squirrels (grey) and rabbits but only recently dear ratty. It does not look at all like Samuel Whiskers. (has no jacket on).

Actually if you take this image of a rat and squeeze it a bit it begins to resemble a cuddly bunny. Sweet is it not?

R, I am sure, would find it preferable if the animal, Rattus Norvegicus, went home to Norway.
My nephew and I have just had a lateral conversation on Facebook pondering on images such as rats wearing helmets with horns and wielding giant hammers. Such is life!
(We all know that the Vikings never wore helmets with horns but, you must admit, a rat in such attire does have a certain piquancy, does it not?)

R has been out dead heading (not rats) and picking up sticks to use as kindling. I have mown a lawn or two but the place is a quagmire after yesterday's torrential rain.

Liverpool are leading 3-0 after 60 minutes - hooray!

I have received some bulbs, more to come, ordered seeds and seedlings to be delivered in April. No that is a really lazy thing to do but what the rat!

This is a Robin's Pincushion (also known as the Bedeguar Gall) caused by the tiny wasp Dipoloepsis rosea. It is a good 3 cm across (over and inch for the oldies) and turns up on wild roses.

Making soup - Cauliflower to come (not ours but as a big one's 50p in the supermarket how can one refuse.) However have made Borscht with veg from friend and used one of our two big marrows to make Marrow and Mint soup - really yummy.
Bananas are only about 15p each too but banana soup - ?

Being eternally hungry I really fancy a Twix - I wonder if I could substitute soup for it?

Also, now we are eating dairy free (nearly) and with a definite vegetarian bent there comes a time - we have gammon in the fridge - I admit it the temptation has got me (us) and one can eat only so many lentils and beans before exploding - with the desire for meat. Still on the soya though.

Mr Pheasant is looking in the window at me with a mournful expression. The feeder under which he like to forage is empty and he is plodding around in dismal circles.

Time to go out and top up the feeders.
Cannot let him go hungry.
Or Ratty
But that twix - ???
My mouth waters.

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