Thursday, 23 January 2014


Spring continues to defy winter - the Stinking hellebore is flowering, snowdrops everywhere. Hazel trees out on the Holker Mosses are covered in golden catkins.

The garden is rather messy as much is waterlogged and best left alone. I pray for a dry spell so I can get at the grass which continues to grow in this mild, damp winter.

The amaryllis are over, the Christmas hyacinths nowhere near out - got that wrong!

I have had the idea of digging up the copper beech hedge from the lower garden and opening up that area and moving it to - ? Somewhere - I cannot just throw it away. Then we have 20 box  about 18" tall still waiting for planting - but where, but how, but what shape - is this for low/high hedging or topiary. R would like box balls but where do we put them?

My gooseberry and redcurrant cuttings have taken and will need planting out - somewhere.

This photo taken from the wood shows a surprise burst of sunshine lighting up the garden. The orange blob is a clump of damp Miscanthus. The dark cube in the foreground is one of the old wells, nailed shut and wrapped in wire netting to keep the grandchildren safe.

One of my next jobs, when all is heavily manured, is to clear the ditch, drag out the still flourishing water cress and put it on the compost heap.

We were hoping to drain the garden but the 'I will come" man with the mini digger has not.

On The Nook blog site I have several links - nor to mention a little more about them.
This is the site for R's digital soap that she does with friends. It has been on local radio and television and is nothing to do with gardening.
A wonderful gardening blog celebrating the gardens of Cumbria, England - excellent photography and much, much more.
A garden blog about gardens, plants and landscape design ideas. Jan Johnsen says she writes her blog because - The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away. (Pablo Picasso)
She has a section for recommended books and products.
She has worked all over the world and is now living in Westchester County, NY, USA
An excellent garden blog and much more with much on wildlife.
This is a photo diary from Southwest Washington State (USA), perhaps a bit more personal than mine but interesting.
They are flower farmers in Oxfordshire
This is the site for Taliesin Woodlands and the Orchard and Wild Harvest Project of the South West Community Woodlands Trust in Scotland.
The site for Abi and Tom's Garden Plant Nursery at Halecat in South Cumbria.
The site for the Cally Gardens at Gatehouse of Fleet in Scotland. The owner travels the world as a plant hunter coming back with discoveries he propagates.
Another local nursery - gold medal winners at the RHS.
Blog and other continuing information of the famous restored Victorian garden in Cornwall, UK.
Blogs from the writes etc of the Gardeners' World Magazine in the UK - A BBC spin off from the TV show.

Of course there are thousands of blogs, sites etc but these are a few I especially like.
Suggestions for other blogs/sites to visit would be welcome.


  1. Thanks for the link and the other interesting blog links to check out! Oh, I do rather wish I lived in British Columbia, but am actually in Southwest Washington State (USA). It would be cooler to be Canadian. Love your blog!

  2. Address altered in blog - apologies.