Friday, 24 January 2014



It just keeps raining.
It just gets boggy.
The lawn is sodden.
The sky is leaden.

This is not a pome.
This is just a moan.

Streams are overflowing - this is in the Village.
It is no pleasure squidging around the garden trying not to do damage
after so much precipitation.

And it is not just tidying. Digging waterlogged turf and ditches is a back breaking exercise and I am to old and decrepit for that. (Well, that is my excuse.)

Just driven back from seeing Patrick Caulfield exhibition in Kendal through hail, sleet and pouring rain. Then the sun comes out with a wonderful rainbow - perhaps there is some hope?

However there are some side effects from the wet that can delight - such as the intensifying of colour in these dead miscanthus blades. They will have to be cut back soon as the new growth is appearing at the base of the clump.

Now, I have rabbited on about well rotted horse manure and wheel barrows so here is an image of the stuff around a rose.

We could do with a bit of frost as, when the moisture in the soil and muck freezes, it breaks up the texture and gives a finer tilth. (The frost would also nut some slugs.) There is still a third of the garden to do, spreading the good stuff and I have just seen a good offer for strawberry plants in Gardeners' World Magazine. (No, love, it is not a mother new bed, I will use and old one.)

As you can see, the rain was short lived and the sun came out. Below is the garden from the wood after the rain. The brown to the right is a bit of beech hedge - one of R's bits of stuff stuck anywhere as she says. However the wet leaves have the same deep shade as the miscanthus now they are wet.

Now, often we get the weather of the eastern USA about a week or so after they do so, where is the cold weather, the snow?
Obviously someone has been interfering with the jet stream. One thing we cannot blame Putin for as he lives the other side of us. Nor can we blame Al Qaeda, Al Capone nor Alikazam!
If it is Global Warming perhaps we can blame melting tundra, the motor car, palm oil plantations and even cattle being windy.

Think about it - the weather man comes on the TV and says it will be mild this winter in the UK because of an increase in cattle fa**ing.
However, if we all then go vegan and stop eating beef and dairy products will any weather change then be due to us?

"Don't do that dear, you'll make the weather too mild."


  1. I know it never stops raining but if you can brave the mud there are so many flowers out ridiculously early. I just hope those cows keep on farting. We don't want a Polar vortex like in America. They should get more cows.

  2. Yes, we could position them across the north of Scotland as a vaporous Maginot Line.