Saturday, 1 February 2014


Two days ago we had a light frost and sound carried like it had not done for weeks. Hedge parsley is out in the village - crazy world.

Now February has blasted its way in. Tides have been incredibly high flooding fields. Rain is lashing the window and the wind chimes in the old ash tree are going berserk. How the small birds hang onto the feeders when they are horizontal before the gale I do not know. The heavy wooden bench is on its back outside the kitchen door.

This morning there was a sprinkling of hail and sleet but it melted fast, turning sludgy and sloppy.

Prince Charles has had a go at climate change deniers (that is deniers  - nothing to do with grades of stockings and tights) and I agree. We always refer to the scientific evidence, when it suits us. There is NO DOUBT there is a more fragile climate, ask Americans over their recent cold weather, our floods and storms, California's drought and so on and so on. So to Prince Charles I say, 'Keep it up sir.' (Or something like that.) (No double entendre meant.) (I suppose I could go back to talking about gale force cows but will not mention them.)

Despite this dreadful winter some plants continue to thrive. The variegated mint should have lost its leaves long ago but is still growing. On the far wall the moss is thick and flourishing - though the damp mild weather will help there.

The snowdrops are out by the big sycamore, by the path to the writing shed. Every year we dig up about half of them and replant, in the green, elsewhere in the garden.

R has just bought some new gardening gloves at the Beetham Nurseries. I bought a slice of Bakewell tart and a shortbread biscuit. We did share them - after all I am on a diet (sort of). 
Now that is a silly statement. Whatever we eat is our diet so we are all always on a diet of some sort.
Just try not to eat too much dairy and beef - remember the venting bovines.
D***, I said I would not mention them, did I not.

So, there you are - a blog on climate change, Prince Charles and those cows but not necessarily in that order of importance.

Time for an apple.
Of course that gives me problems if the old saying is true.
If I have one a day does it keep me away? (Yup I am an ex medic - a past doc but not quite a Norwegian Blue.)(Yet.)

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