Thursday, 6 March 2014


The may has leaves down at sea level, daffodils are flowering and birds are nest building.
We are at a little over 54 degrees north here - the same latitude as Goose bay in Newfoundland, Lake Winnipeg and Edmonton in Canada, The Kamchatka peninsula, Lake Baykal in Siberia and only a little further south than Moscow.
Let me hear three cheers for the Gulf Stream!

R has weeded the cutting bed and tidied up the contents including the alstromerias. They are a wonderful cut flower lasting two to three weeks - worth every penny.

R is not just a great weeder but a good pruner as shown here where she assassinated the buddleia by the kitchen.

The two photos above how one of the stick heaps and my wonderful carrier - very simple, an oblong of canvas with handles at each end. Arrange the sticks in a line across it and when full just pull the handles together carrying the contents to the bonfire.

Yesterday, after gardening, we sat on one of our seats by the house and drank a mug of tea (one each, not the same one) whilst feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces. This is the first decent cuppa in the garden this year. It made us feel much better.             In the garden one of the bird boxes had lost its roof so it was important to repair this so it could be used. Alas I had no wood so it now has an off cut of linoleum nailed in place. Anyway the birds won't notice.

Now to the exciting stuff - here is my barrow full of muck by the heap.

And here is the source of much joy in our garden - I know it looks a bit mucky but you would too if you had been rolling in the muddy grass.

I am now about to go out again and do something (or other) - like sit and watch the frogs, the birds, the squirrel, the world go by.
And I must ring the mower people again as they have not year collected and serviced the machines - the grass is growing (it has been all winter) and regular cutting will start early this year.

And I must ring the boiler man and I must ring the fruit trees with grease bands and I must, and I must, and I must - but not quite yet. D is coming for some Apple (Mac) help and I am probably going to fail to give it to him.

Been to the gym this morning - time for a nap.
Before more gardening?

AND I am definitely not going to mention the Russian chappie - he might cut off our gas supply.
(Actually we, personally, do not use gas so . . . . . . . . . PUTI........!)

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