Thursday, 10 April 2014


It is muzzling a bit this morning, damp clarts the air but it looks like it will brighten up later.
The cosmos seedlings have arrived early from Sarah Raven but she says they are properly hardened off so will be planted soon.

Despite the rather dull day yesterday, the sunny shot at the top is from this morning, I have decided to post a series of photos to show how the ornamental beds around the house are getting on. So here they are - views left and right along the paving outside the kitchen and a view up the garden from there.

Then there are three images of the beds around the corner, all sprouting masses of vegetation.

Right, duty done in that respect I will have to answer the question posed at the end of the last blog regarding the disappearing peanuts.

As you can see the jay has two and possibly three peanuts in its beak, no doubt more in its crop.

I have just had a text from my son-in-law in Herefordshire - the swallows have arrived there. I always feel I cannot quite put winter behind me till they come back from Africa. Then my heart lifts up as WW said.
I am waiting.

We have had a good few days with P's parents, T and A, travelling the southwest Lake District. One can become a bit reclusive in one's garden if not careful and their company was excellent - really enjoyed it. We went to Muncaster Castle - rhododendrons and azaleas and magnolias out or coming out - and they have cleared a lot of, I suspect, R. ponticum.

I have mowed with the big mower and it chewed its way through the long lush grass with difficulty, clogging up and so on. When we plant the many white birches in the plan I am tempted to clear the grass where they are to be.

After midday rain today I intend to get the shallots in - bulbs saved from last year, and plant the Cosmos. The ground is almost ready. And I should prune back the cut-leaned elder so we can have a new explosion on of growth.

Also, now the sap is running, this is a good time to make whistles.
And a cup of tea.

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