Saturday, 5 April 2014


Just been bathing in a cascade of chaffinch song and rook croaks.

The garden is bursting forth but though I now have my mowers the weather continues to ensure the grass is wet! So No Mo.
I lie, I LIE, I LIE!!!!
Just been out with the small mower and trimmed main lawn and mown paths here and there. (That will please Milady.) You can see the main mown area in the foreground and the pathy bits in the background.

Anyway, this does not stop us going elsewhere in search of gardens. One our joint membership of the RHS gets us into free is that at Holker Hall on the Cartmel Peninsula. Of course the scale is a little different.

Cue for pics :-

Good for a walk around, a sit in the sun on the big seat - we sometimes have to wait for others to leave - a sneaky snack or later something in the cafe. Then there is the park and the deer where open can stretch legs a bit more.

The deer pic is of a fallow stag in the park at Holker Hall. The wild deer we have in our area are Roe and Red - fortunately we have not had any in the garden (so far).

After our meeting with the gamekeeper (see last blog) I brought out the squirrel trap and baited it with (I have just looked out the window and there is a carrion crow on the ground under a feeder!) peanuts and crumbly Lancashire cheese.
The peanuts went quickly - take by mice but the mice LEFT the cheese. However one of the squirrels submitted to its greed and wallop! We have a squirrel.
This is where it gets complicated and I get a bit soppy.
I am now supposed legally to kill it. Mmm!

Being a wimp I find that a tough thingy so I break the law, whizz off a good few miles and release the little critter.
Now the car stinks of squirrel!

However, if I can minimise the numbers of tree rats in the area then the birds have a better chance. I have not forgotten the grey squirrel climbing up the house wall to a house martin nest and emptying it.

Just up, this morning, I was standing at our bedroom window gazing up the garden when a large carrion crow landed on the windowsill, beak and nose two inches apart separated by glass (thankfully). It gave an enormous squawk and flapped off to one of the tall trees to recover!

I am already having my cuppa and it is raining - so I shall sit here and watch the chaffinches in the old ash fluttering wings as a precursor to mating. Now the pigeons are billing on a branch outside the window. I think I need a lie down.

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