Saturday, 19 April 2014


I have mowed the lawns and they are looking a bit better after the wet winter.

Today is a glorious day - sun, blue sky and only  a slight chill in the spring air. I put on my terrible hat to protect the loftiest part of my skin - this produced are look of utmost distaste from R. I do not think she likes the hat. Personally I am not bothered as long as it does the job and I am only in the garden.

C and P are here - C messing about with his car and P reading masses of Bill Shaky plays.

The summer seats are out by the kitchen and occupied.

Down the garden the rhubarb is doing well, overlapping the boundaries of its bed. We have enjoyed some simply cooked with sugar - it does not need much as the young stems are surprisingly sweet.

I have tidied up the messy new growth on the gooseberries so that they grow on a leg. This makes picking much easier if I can get to them before the mildew and sawflies. The variety is Careless.

There is blossom all over the place - this first one is our Victoria Plum.
All the fruit trees are flowering though the Bramley Apple is late as usual.
The greengage I moved is in leaf and looking ok but no obvious blossom. We will have a lorry load of damsons if the frosty keeps away.

So here is another, yes another pic of the Prunus shirotae. This one from below.

Tulips are everywhere - in the flower beds and in pots. The yellow pansies are enjoying the company of the bulbs. I have had to water them for the first time as we do not have any obvious rain due until Easter Sunday or Monday.

The first queen wasp has been sighted but I missed swatting it. After the stings last year I am not feeling too friendly to them.

I have found a new patch of ground elder up in the wood - need to deal with that.
Wild bluebells are spreading through the wood and appearing in unusual places. When they are in the flowerbeds they are not welcome but a wood full of them in spring is a delight.

And MY DOWNFALL - well I got out the seats and with them my favourite.
Unfolded it.
Sat in it.
There was a ripping noise and I found myself on the floor.
That is not the embarrassing bit though.
When I came to stand up my tin knee made life difficult and I had to have help from R to roll over and escape.

We have now had swallows half a mile away down the road but not here yet.
We wait.

Seen one skimming over the back field.
All things come to . . .

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