Sunday, 8 June 2014


Well, not quite the world but every seed eating bird for miles around. Oh! And Scuirus carolinensis (grey squirrel). 
I did catch one and being a wimp transported it to a distant wood (not one with resident reds though.)
And then there are sluggus gert biggius, snails veri mennius, mousius woddius, aphids, beetles, cuckoo spit all over my trousers, enoughius I am going paranoid.

So let me start with the view from the veg beds back to the house. This is a composite panorama of three images ranging from the woodland edge on the top left to the soon-to-be removed willows on the right. The Wendy House is visible in the distant right over the soon-to-be relocated copper beech hedge. The banking in the centre foreground is to be filled with flowering shrubs when I have got rid of the long grass and weeds.

So to to whites and some examples of colour in the garden at the moment. Above left is a white geranium, above right a splendid white penstemon. White is so important in the garden as a foil for other colours. And white and green together can be so soothing and peaceful.

Above is an allium - this seeds itself and I love the strong structure of the balls of colour against the green of surrounding foliage.

Then there are the gaudy day lilies blasting their presence but beware they can get out of hand and need digging out and shoving in a remote corner. I wonder if that shrub banking could be full of such things - possibly but another flower bed - mm! Think R might have something to say about that.

Cascading down the banking at the front of the house is a lovely blue geranium where whether en masse or as a single delicate boom is a treat. With these hack them back when they have flowered and a second flush can arrive later in the year.

Another cascade is the shrub Kolkowitzia (think I spelled that correctly), the beauty bush, currently weighed down with blossom.

Raining at the moment - what a novelty! Actually more the usual up here - but I did nip out yesterday and get the paths mown - next blog a pathy (pathetic) one. I am cutting them close and cutting the rest longer - R likes the idea so who am I too argue - would I dare!

So Putin and Obama sort of met in France with the anniversary of D Day but neither seem interested in my teaching their armed forces the Hokey Cokey to cement better relations. Anyway the Queen was there to sort them out and see fair play.
You know I sometimes wonder, with all the DNA stuff going on as to whether there is a Russian gene - there cannot be an American one as they are such a hotch potch of races - actually in America they are jeans rather than  . . .  you get the drift.

So to finish with a blast of colour, a bit of rockrose - stunning!

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