Monday, 16 June 2014


Yesterday I caught three grey squirrels, this morning another and as I drove in at 9 a.m. yet another was sitting on the shed!!!

The rose bed is in full flow so have to keep up the dead heading to ensure more flowers. All the roses are scented - Rhapsody in Blue, Gertrude Jekyll, Emma Hamilton, William Shakespeare, rosa mundi and another one of which I cannot remember the name. The forget-me-not edging has gone and has been mostly replaced by catmint. The two white flowers in the background are paeonies.

On to other things - this is the crambe by the roses. It produces a ball of wonder.

I have just been up into the wood and the paths are becoming obliterated with growth, a lot of red campion but also an amazing amount of cleavers (goosegrass) that sticks to my clothing. I will have to get out that scythe and stop putting it off.
Everything is so much lusher this year. Whether that is because of the mild winter - I do not know.
The pond, for what it is, is choked with watercress and mimulus.
Also the wooden walkway is collapsing as it rots.

My mother loved her crambe, my father loved red hot pokers as seen here.

They are such strange flowers.

Back to the wood where every time I take the top path the cock pheasant croaks at me from the undergrowth by the field fence.
We have two Rambling Rector roses up there, this one over the old well and through the flowering currant, the other up an ash tree and out over the banking. They do not flower for long but when they do - !!

The sun is shining and it is getting dry. I have watered the various pots and tubs to keep them going.

There is so much to do - so I am going to take a book and a cup of tea out into the jungle and read in the sunshine.

It is rapidly becoming need-a-little-man time, or as R says - just let it all flop everywhere. That reminds me I really do need to go on a diet, wobble, wobble.
I mean, I still have a lot of my life in front of me, on my backside, under my chin, hanging from the backs of my upper arms, under my eyes.

Oh! Just one more chocolate digestive biscuit.

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