Friday, 20 June 2014


The gardener at Rosside Nook is me - I know it does not quite scan but what is a Womble between friends.

So let me start overground with this stunning flower arrangement by R - Geranium Johnson's blue, Alchemilla mollis and a pale yellow climbing rose - Golden something or other from David Austin Roses.

Down in the cutting garden the Sweet Williams are splendid (my mother used to say it was called Stunkin' Wullie over the border in Scotland after the Duke of Cumberland but she was wrong - it was Ragwort, a wild senecio). The rudbeckias are not yet out but last year's marigolds are thriving. The red alstromerias are being cut and in a vase in the kitchen - they last so well. In the next row the red currants are colouring up and so far the blackbirds and thrushes have not taken them - fingers crossed. I have been down there today checking on how many of the strawberries have been savaged by slugs. I cleared away the past-it aquilegias from the agapanthus to give them some air, and sun. Weather  is hot and fine - and it is some time since we had any rain so I have watered the rhubarb as it was looking so sad.

There are many plants with  lots of small flowers but I do like the ones with big 'uns. Roses - yes but here are two more - on the left a peony and on the right an oriental poppy - blast of exuberance and colour.

The philadephus we have is the single Belle etoile and it is loaded with heavily scented flowers of a pure white,

Earlier in the year we were given a fantastic display by our white lilac but now it has  gone over and the heads have turned a warm brown.
Question - does one dead head it?
The problem is that I cannot reach the top and there are so many flowers to remove.

Actually I think we have a novelty - there are not too many brown flowers in the garden - till now. There that sorts it - I will leave it alone and see how it does.
Yes, I have been out with the scythe but it was HARD work. The undergrowth is thick and lush (just right for a strimmer with the brushwood blade).

R has suggested that I get someone in a couple of hours a week to do the heavy stuff. This is because, like a Wally, I went out and played 18 holes of golf in 80 degree heat (26C) and high humidity the day after my scan at Christies for the big C follow up and wilted and felt waffy. She is probably (certainly I hear a cry) right but I am stubborn.

Lawns are mown, roses are dead-headed and William Shakespeare has got top heavy and needs a stake.

So, what about the underground?

On the left we have the mighty mole, pen upon his hill to show just how big it is, and on the right is the secret entrance to wood mouse house in the paving by the kitchen door.

And so to the World Football Cup - England are almost out and soon, I hope, we can relax and enjoy the play without stress. The simple fact is we are not good enough.

Now, if there were a World Cup of gardening - then we could give anyone a run for their money!

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