Friday, 18 July 2014


As the mizzle sweeps across the garden, something between drizzle and mist, it has driven me indoors, driven me from sorting the remnants of the willow tunnel, cutting logs, dragging branches to the bonfire.
I had considered chip[ping the twigs but am leery of the fragments rooting and then having to deal with that.

As you can see in the photograph it has opened up the far garden and when the copper beech hedge has been transplanted it will be even more spacious.

We have had produce from the gooseberries and black currants - the gooseberries are bagged ready for the freezer.

There is still much colour in the garden and this orange rose given to us by our son-in-law's parents, L and I, is thriving. The mullein beside it is seeding itself here and there and welcome. The orange day lilies are not yet fully out.

I am typing fast to the beat of Fallen Angel by Elbow. R is in the kitchen listening to the radio - something more gentle.

To the left the lavender and brachyglottis colour the banking. To the right is the white valerian - now pruned so it will flower again later in the year. I have also pruned the pink and red valerian near the cattle grid.

Of all the flowers in the garden roses have to be near favourites.
This is Rose Emma Hamilton and full blowsy bloom, scent overpowering.

We have had house martins inspecting the gable ends again and the swallow nest is becoming overcrowded - four in a bed!

 There is a lot to do and not much enthusiasm for doing it but one must plod on submitting to junglification and so on.

I did not realise how much work there was in clearing the willows cut down by the men - so I am going to have a break from this blog - BUT I WILL BE BACK! The wood is either bonfire, logs for the wood burner, poles for use in the kitchen garden and gert chunks of irregular stuff. I feel a modern art thing coming on which R will, no doubt, hate.

She has been deadheading and a shearing the grass around the small shrubs but it hot.
I have been making enquiries regarding a fruit cager and a brochure is on its way. A 7x6 metre cage should do it.

More info to come.
I am not abandoning you just taking a breather.
Does abandoning have two ns? The spellchecker says no but it looks wrong the right way (unless the US spelling has invaded my computer again.)

This is Armeria maritime, Sea Thrift - now thrift is not one of my exceptional attributes but I do like to be beside the seaside - I do like to be . . . . etc.

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