Sunday, 24 August 2014


Welcome to the nippy north of England.
I've been strimming, yes I've been strimming, and R has been pruning the bushes that grow on the banking in from of the house.

After 18 months I have got the machine out, filled it with petrol (and a bit of oil) and it started straight away (unfortunately) so I have been brush cutting the mess in the lower garden.
Now there is just the raking off and tidying up - and then more strimming and so on.

The upper bank is still brown after scything and raking and mowing but will recover and green up.

Here is a view of the far end - you can see where the willow tunnel was, the brown patches on the left. The fifteen new white birches will join the six already planted in the late autumn, early winter.

The bonfire was lit and burned well - all that is left is ash - good for the fruit bushes as a top dressing.

Well, that was drab series of photographs so here is one of rose hips on the Rosa rubifolia to brighten things up.

On the left we have Clematis heracleifolia var. davidiana - or a herbaceous woody stemmed non climbing plant with blue scented flowers - it is seen here with Perovskia Blue Spire on the house bank. I have just seen the dead foxglove on the right and will go out and save any seed from it before disposal. These blue flowered plants go so well with yellows and especially oranges. (Flowers not the fruit - I mean that would be asking bit much up in t' north.)

Annabelle -

This is Annabelle by the back door from which I have taken cuttings. You can see why I want more of these plants. This one has flopped a bit after rain - the weight of the heads becomes too much for the stems. (Somewhat like my knees - weight and all that.)

There are two other hydrangeas in the garden at present, paniculata 'Unique' on the lower banking and a macrophylla at the upper woodland fringe. This photo is a bit bluer than the actual plant.

It has been cold for August and I am sitting here typing with a fleece on. The fruit started to ripen and now seems to be marking time (except for the Vicky plums).

Talking of birds - well I wasn't but I am now - there I was standing on the twelfth tee (yes, I am one of those little white ball bashers who regularly spoil a good walk) when a bird flew down and landed six feet from me. Sparrow hawk I thought but no, it was not - it was a cuckoo, presumably on migration south and too tired to be bothered by a load of aged golfers.

The trees are turning - I know, it is only August - it is cold, R is searching for a cruise in a small boat in a warm climate but they are all so EXPENSIVE! I may have to settle for a hot bath instead. I mean, you cannot put the central heating on in August - can you?

Anyway R would not let me - got to be careful with money - especially if you want to go on a cruise!

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