Monday, 4 August 2014


 The feeders are inundated with small birds - juvenile tree and house sparrows, blue and great tits, chaffinches, goldfinches and so on.

They often squabble, cock sparrows being particularly aggressive too the other birds.

Then along comes Woodie, red-headed, sharp-pecking Woodie, still a young bird but having absolutely no nonsense from the plethora of fledglings trying to muscle in on his peanut feeder. He goes at them with speed and a needle like bill.

They do not hang around for long and move off to await his departure. One quick stab and they are off.

As yet I have not seen a confrontation between Woodie and a squirrel but think that the squirrel will win out. The woodpecker is quite jumpy.

So as I am onto birds - this morning I looked out of the kitchen glass doors and noted something dark up on a green oak beam.

It was a dead swallow.

It could be the awful weather we are having at the moment (I knew the summer would not last) is responsible but there is no sign of injury and it looks like it just popped its claws up on the beam.

This is a view of the road as I came into the village on Friday - it was a mite wet!

Mite is right - no actually wrong - it teemed - rained moggies and doggies - made me think the dry sunny spell was over.

So now I dream of a bench in Pembrokeshire, 27C, a can of lager and some crisps.

Today I bung on my Wellies and rush out as the rain stops.
Then I rush in again as the heaven deposit upon me.

So, to alleviate boredom I rewire R's bedside lamp, drive myself nuts with all these fluty plugs and light sockets only to find I have stuck the wrong wire in the wrong hole etc.

So, to alleviate boredom I write a blog.

The rain has stopped.
The sun is out.
The sky is blue (as was the air as I did that lamp).
(As was the air after 2 hours in conversation with Apple over a failure to download iTunes music. I gave up, turned everything off (including the BT hub) and had my supper (late). Came back, switched on and all working!!)

Now it is RAINING!

R has steadily hacked everything over back and I am still dragging willow to the bonfire. Plans are afooting for the stream, bridges, vegbeds and other big ideas - well one can dream even if the flesh is feeble.

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