Saturday, 16 August 2014


Let me tell you 'bout the birds and wasps  . . . (Jewel Akens?)

No, I must stop moaning about my ITCHY!!!! arms where I was stung (got an allergic reaction) - so I will.

Insects are not the only danger - here is lovely rue but beware the sap - a blistery thing.

This very small out of focus photo is a NUTHATCH! Finally after 8 years we have one visiting us - about time.

Treecreepers go up trees and nuthatches come down as you can see. They usually hunt in cracks in the bark for goodies - well for them - would you like to eat what they eat?

Just now R was in the kitchen when two swallows flew in, did a few circuits and then left by the open garden doors. We have also had wooly bears (the caterpillar type)(this is England after all) in there, presumably looking for a pupating spot.

I have mentioned other gardens before and this one is Aberglasney near Llangathen in Wales. In the old days of Analogue television we could get Welsh tele from the Denbigh transmitter about ninety miles away. We watched the programme on the restoration from the start.

Now we are DIGITAL we have lost the Welsh tele and often all the rest too as fine weather interferes with the signal. So much for digital being better!

Moving on - have begun to clear out the ditch/stream by the bottom hedge and cut back weeds and grass. Geraniums gone over are clipped and the early pale lavender sheared.

Two stars in the flower world are these white beauties - lilium regale on the right and nymphaea alba, the white water lily on the left.

The pond liner has not yet arrived and I was wondering where, out of the rain, I could put it - then I realised - twit - it is going on the bottom of a pond and can be left out in the rain!

I am sometimes surprised at what plant breeders and hybridisers can do with roses. On the right is a simple rose akin to the wild briars, on the left Emnma Hamilton from David Austin Roses, big and blowsy, heavily scented but fragile in the rain. Yet they are both closely related.

The plums and damsons are ripening and will need picking soon. We still have plums from last year in the freezer so jam and chutney making time is coming to make room for the new crop.

One veg I have found does not freeze to well is (are) (no is) broad beans. I will have to soup them, removing the chewy skins.

My son R has challenged me to a diet as I am a big fat flabby chappie, my wife moans about my biscuitophilia and I have several shirts I have not got into for a few years.
No more secret Kitkats, diet coke not beer.

I will report on how much I have lost but I am not going to tell you what I weigh - I mean I am stocky and have big bones and all that.

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