Thursday, 28 August 2014


It's pond time, happy go lucky pond time, hey - etc  etc, lots of nonnys and nos.
R is pleased as the mini digger moves in and mayhem starts.
Do I help?
No, I would just get in the way - I make tea for the men (and the painters, they are still here. Outside it looks like a car park for a rave!)

The initial question was can we find a pond because of the jungle - I'm a pond get me out of here. (A minor pond).

So a digging they will go. We saved some variegated yellow flag iris and waterlilies. The problem with the rotten boardwalk has been resolved by burying a lot of it and tearing up the rest. Some of the wood is salvageable, the rest will be burned. As they dug, frogs scattered or were relocated - slippery customers.
The boss has made the pond bigger, hope the liner will take it, consigned a twisted willow to a terminal fate and is making decisions - brooking no argument.

The copper beeches must go (anyone want a copper beech hedge?)(about ten of them six feet high).

Back to other things to soothe me 'ead.
This is the view from the emerging pond up the garden. The poplar is beautiful but unstable depute its stake. Gary suggests we pollard it - ?not sure.

Time to escape from the hurly burly - here is a pretty corner of the garden, pink and white and nothing to do with clay and pebbles and digging.

The pink Japanese anemone is spectacular but too big and a certain amount of chop awaits in the autumn.
I still like the glaucous grass in the Cambodian pot but must sort out the stones in the plant dish thing.
I have tidied the roses.
I have picked the plums - well some of them - and eaten some of them. Oh! Off the tree, wasp chews and all!

One plant R does like is this small creeping sedum. I may spread this a bit.

Just been to get my Fiona Clucas painting of the wood (a Christmas Prezzy from R).

It is smashing. She is such a good artist.

It rained this morning but they kept a-digging, did not seem to mind.

More tales of the pond to come, no doubt.

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