Thursday, 7 August 2014


It is raining, no it has stopped, no it has not, the sun is shining, it has gone in, it is raining again, it is windy, the sun has - no it has no... etc etc.  

So here I am trapped in my little room with my computer - what should I do? Blog is the answer! Put on some Don Gibson c&w and blog.

Good news - the eucryphia tree is flowering again this year white against the green.
Bad news - there is a grey squirrel on they peanut feeder - I am thinking hard - willing it to go in the trap and eat the half chocolate digestive I have put there.

Good news - the Hydrangea Annabelle is magnificent by the back door.

Bad news - the flower heads are loaded with rain and hanging down to the ground. I do have concern that the stems might break with the weight.

Good news - the white cosmos has recovered from being droughted whilst we are away.

There are so many white flowers in the garden, rosebay, feverfew, daisies of various kinds, wild angelica, even hogweed. 
Here are a few others from through the year.

 The white tree lupin second down left is short lived and now defunct. The cut leaved elder, second down left is about to get moved - well those sprouting sweet pea supports are.

I do not like throwing things away - divide perennials but chuck away the excess - there must be a hidden corner somewhere?

NO there is not I hear R cry.

Occasionally white is bad news - another white flowered plant is absolutely rampant in the garden and here it is - convolvulus, white bindweed. I spray it and dig it and pull it and swear at it. The trouble is it invades everything, yet, it does have attractive trumpet shaped flowers - just not in my garden please. It is the sort of thing that engenders nightmares. In winter, whilst I hibernate in my warm bed, under the grass and in the soil the twisted roots are waiting to choke my garden, insinuating their tips through the earth. It is almost an English garden version of the Game of Thrones.
In fact, last night, I could not sleep after 4 am - the chaos of the growth on the banking preying on my mind - the control freak in me totally not in control.
I have need of some wizardry.

Ah! The sun is out, no it has gone, it rains, it blows, it is time for another cuppa tea.

Wait! It has stopped again.

No it hasn't!

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