Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Where is the winegar - vinegar for wasps, bicarbonate of soda for bees.

So there I was Gary Primrosing my woodland banking with my scythe (quite successfully I may say) when Yaroo!! Wasps everywhere.
You have never seen and old bloke like me run so fast - off to the wife for a dab of vinegar onto the stings.
Bee stings hurt but are okay but wasps are paiiiiinful.

I have been back with the foam spray for the nest to eradicate it. I crept up very carefully and pressed the end of the can. No foam just a jet of milky liquid into the hole. The nest mouth was about three inches (7.5 cm) across and in the ground.

Let me move on to other things that do not rhyme with stings - like septic tanks. Here is a pic of the buddleia now completely hiding our chunnering tank.

It is good to have such an item surrounded by butterflies.

What else do we have - compost heap. Despite this photo it is not a heap of grass - it just needs turning - something I tend to forget to do.
The framework is made of willow which is a bit daft as they, presumably, take some of the good pout of the compost.

The blue piece of alkathene piping is a sophisticated tool for unblocking the sit on mower when it clogged up, often if I mow wettish grass.

The brown birch to the left was a "free" gift with endless wrappers off large pots of Yeo Valley yogurt.

We have two mullein in the garden (or is it mulleins?), the more common yellow one and this one - Verbascum chaixii 'album'.

Both seed themselves and one just has to assess if the site in which they appear is appropriate, works, that sort of thing (rhymes with sting).

This one is a difficult plant to match with other things so it just gets cleft to upset any colour coordination. (R is laughing)(colour what?)

I am into ordering pond liner - seems a gert big 'un. It costs a bomb so it better be right.
We are finally eating our own courgettes and I must restrain myself from letting one go to marrow size.
I have cut away part of a brachyglottis shrub to see if it will regenerate from old wood.

Before I depart for a bit of comforting (ha ha) (I should be so lucky) (silly old man mucking about with poor waspies)  I will just show you a magnificent garden in Pembrokeshire, well worth a visit. If it is a sunny day take a book and sit in the garden by the lake before you partake of something at the cafe - like an ice cream.

This is Hilton Court Garden near Roch. We visited it when it first opened before they planted thousands of trees and so on. Now it has matured and is wonderful.

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