Sunday, 28 September 2014


Let me start with a progress report - I have been raking bare areas after the ponding and scattering grass seed. I have been mowing the grass with both mowers - well not the same bits - you know, one mower for this and the other for the other. Well that makes sense to me)(which does not say much).

Here is the view down the garden from the white birches, over the pond to the Wendy House, no willow tunnel in the way - though we will be sticking in a load of birches of course. I have been digging out the few remaining roots of the willows as they were getting in the way of the mower.

In the garden we still have some spectacular flowers like these cardoons.
They will be left until the spring as they look good in the frost (if we get any this year) and just for their architectural quality.

This big blowsy rose is, I think, Emma Hamilton and Nelson would be proud of her. She is heavily scented and still pumping out petals. The other roses, except Rhapsody in Blue which did a leaf shed in August but is recovering, are also flowering - those that are supposed to.

I can say no more about the Cosmos - fantastic - keep dead heading and more come.

Now, every garden has its hidden corners and our one is no exception.
So here are two in all their glory.

This is the bonfire area and grass cutting dump up by the wood. I have just heaped up the cuttings as they were getting very spread out. The problem lies with the sit on mower. When I back it up to unload it will not go on top of what is there already. This means an ever spreading dump. I tried forking the grass into the heap but in the end found the easiest way was just to grab it in armfuls and transport it that way.

On the banking below the veg beds are the willow poles, old willow trunks and planks salvaged from the pond work. I will have to get a chain saw I think to log the trunks.

So it is bye bye time again and I leave you with another view of the Gary Primrose Pond.

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