Friday, 3 October 2014


Ah! Only a rose - 
This one's for Ib.

 The garden is still full of flowers like these white phlox, red alstromerias and orange calendulas in the cutting garden.

The calendulas are last year's plants that survived the winter and are thriving. I wonder if they will get through the one to come.

Of course there are other places which make our garden seem tame like the famous house at Coniston Cold which overflows with pelargoniums, begonias and you name it. Every year it becomes MORE - there is no other word for it. (Though I suppose some reader will be a clever boots and think of one.)
Some of the colours in our garden are very intense - here are blues, oranges and yellows. The nasturtiums have loved the warm dry September and are bursting forth. I must remember to gather seed for next year.

Having said that not all flowers are so gaudy and looking at petals lit by the sun like this rose is a delight.

Then there are even more gentle examples like the white Japanese anemone and its seed heads.

However it is not just the shades above that stand out. This morning was a murky, misty, chilly autumn on but the sun came up, the temperature rose to 18C and the greens in the garden were magnificent. 

This is one of our mature ash trees up by the top fence. The leaves are beginning to turn yellow but the breeze makes them seem to shimmer in the sun.

There you are - lots of bright pics.
End of another blog.
Perhaps I should give it up or change it to a monthly bulletin.
Perhaps . . .

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