Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hurricane something today - lightning, thunder, hail and gales, driving rain - not a day to be out so am having lunch with R and I.

Recipe to start with - Bramble (blackberry) and Apple Jam -

3/4 pound chopped peeled and cored cooking apple in 1/4 pint water - simmer till soft.
In another pan 2 pounds blackberries in 1/4 pint water - simmer till soft.
Combine, add 3lb sugar (I warm this in a bowl in the bottom over to speed things up)(R taught me that one) and stir till sugar dissolved.

Boil till setting point reached (cold saucer in freezer or fridge, take out and put a teaspoon or so of jam on it - if it wrinkles when pushed - ready (R taught me that one). Also. I use a big metal spoon to stir it all - when this is resting by cooker if cold and you run a finger through clinging jam and it leaves a trail - ready.
Pot into jars made hot in bottom oven. If you put the jars into a roasting tin they are easier to get out when hot. I put the lids on a baking tray to get hot too. Put on lids straight away and tighten - they will need another tighten when cooler.

Now R found some sprouting potatoes in the veg cupboard and I popped them in the garden - look at the crop we got.
I added the pen to give you the true size. They tasted good even if only one bite each.

I have been up to my frozen fingers in the upright freezer seeing exactly what we have buried in there - so much fruit - well, I will never get constipated!

Let me change track to the pond - perhaps not - so much of the risen liner that the plants in their sunken spots are falling over. "Gary, Gary, wherefore art thou Gary?"

Move on quickly lad - roses, yes roses - still flowering and a delight.

These two in the garden and the one below by the shed on the way in. It was given to us by P and A from t' big 'ouse on Stockbridge Lane.

Finally a pic of the huge Fatsia (no, not me any longer)(just a bit tubbia) by the Wendy House beginning to flower again. It must be nuts or very stupid, I mean, winter is almost upon it (us).

I have just been down to the compost heap with the kitchen waste (mentioned it) and it is almost full -  so I will need to empty the other one.

Those two rabbits I keep seeing worry me - all the go forth and multiply stuff. Mind you the solitary moles seem to manage too well let alone the grey squirrels. And snails. And slugs. 

Thought for a children's book -

Once upon a time Slimey the slug was slithering across a big cabbage leaf when a blackbird landed beside him. 
'Nice lunch,' thought the blackbird.
But he had not reckoned with Slimey's superpower!
As the bird bent down for a nibble Slimey jumped, yes, jumped right onto the blackbirds head and began to make all its head feathers horrible. Not only that, he squeaked as he slimed. . . .  etc etc etc.

Well I thought it was better than X men.

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