Sunday, 26 October 2014


I am for ever being surprised by the people who say they read this load of rubbish. As a consequence R and I will be going to visit Abbotsford in Scotland (we were determined to get away for some autumn sunshine) to seek inspiration from Wally Scott. (Yes, I have been to the top of the Sir Walter Scott Memorial in Edinburgh but it was a VERY tight squeeze at the top).

Pond update - I think I have found the problem, at least one. Water is tracking in from the stream and so called settling pond via the old channel; though it was filled in, water has a way. Unfortunately due to the efficiency of the liner this water is going under it.

Here it is in better times -

And now -

It is driving this control freak bonkers.

And I have got stuck, weight wise, with my diet.

We have had BC to tea and before she came I went out get some flowers for the house - the roses are still good(ish). The cosmos by the house was, surprisingly, covered in honey bees. I say surprisingly as I have not seen a single honey bee in the garden this year before.

Soon I must empty and replant the pots and things with bulbs - some bought and some saved from last year and stored in the garage in the dry and dark. I suppose the topping will be winter flowering pansies - they did well last year.

Earlier in the year I hacked back a brachyglottis (senecio) to see if it would regenerate from the old wood and Voila! (Showing off now).

And it is doing well so now I know that mutilation is not terminal in this case. (Unlike the broom I killed off a few years ago.)

So the clocks in the UK have gone back an hour, what was 8 am yesterday is now 7 am and I got an hour of extra sleep. Has not changed the grey windy weather though.
The leaves have come off the cercidiphyllums but have scattered so no toffee scent this year.
Most of the leaves are off the big trees and the first of the cherries is turning.
So I leave you again with an image of autumn, an image of work waiting and the end of another season.

Bit depressing.
Christmas - urrrgh!
Work can continue to wait.
Roll on February and snowdrops.
Cuppa time.

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