Sunday, 5 October 2014


As  walked up into the wood I broke one of the steps - then realised that most of them were rotten and will need replacing.
Another job with ditches and scything and planting and removing and cutting back and so on and so on.

I have just extracted two large damson suckers from the bed by the shed to take down to Herefordshire for my daughter and son-in-law.
The damsons seem to be spreading everywhere.

Today the light up in the wood has been beautiful - real F. Clucas stuff. She called the painting she did for my Christmas Present from R - The Enchanted Wood - spot on.

As I came down from the upper garden I noticed this rather grey looking wild angelica. Then I realised it had a very bad dose of mildew. It is not too prone to this fungal infection - not like the meadow sweet.
The gooseberries seem to have avoided it this year - probably because the weather has been dry.

 Coming back down I went to examine the sweet peas with all their lack of flowers - perhaps put in too late after early failures (slugs and snails).

They are really very disappointing as we usually have a house full of their scent and colour.

Next year I will have to plan better and deal with the pests.

We had a morning of light rain and the alchemilla leaves were stunning.

The birds seem to use the feeders by the rosa rubifolia a lot and I think that is because it gives them cover and somewhere to queue up.

The ground feeders - pheasant, pigeon and chaffinch - also like the placement.

Now, I could go not further without a pond pic so here you are -

The green thing on the banking, what is it? No, nothing exotic, actually it is a dock - a weed.

To finish a burst of colour for you to give this blog a little something extra.

A little something extra is just what I could manage at this instant.

Sad - but the diet goes on - but I am chuffed as I am now 19 pounds down since January.
You would think that would take such a load off my shot at knees but it does not.

Life is a limp until I can steel myself to the alien crutch and have the right one replaced.
However, after having the left one done, a smidgeon of reluctance hangs around . .

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