Wednesday, 15 October 2014


And R's, but I get me underwear more twisted over things.

So before pondy stuff we have had our first autumn fog in the morning though the sun came out later.

This left the alchemilla in full glory again, covered in water droplets which shone in the sun that followed the grey dawn.

The garden was so still and silent, the latter only broken by the mocking laughter of a yaffle (green woodpecker) in the part of the wood beyond our wall.

So, I suppose I should explain the title of the blog (a nod to John Bunyan).

The photo on the left shows the view from the kitchen to the pond now I have assassinated at the big brachyglottis obstructing the line of sight.

The photo to the right shows, if you look carefully, that we have developed an island - we have a pond under the pond. The clay pan below the liner has become full of water lifting the butyl up.
There are several possible solutions one of which is most inadvisable - i.e. making a hole in the liner so the water will rise through the gap and the liner can sink.
Another is to put a drain from the ditch by the hedge in under the liner so any water that accumulates can drain away.

Actually what I have is done is chuck in a few smooth stones and their weight has caused the liner to, at least, sink below the surface.

Now to the shed front where a bog has developed as water coming off the banking, and no doubt from some hidden spring, has gathered there.
So yours truly has dug another small ditch to see if the water will drain away. It seems to be working but will need a permanent drain.
Perhaps the boggy bit at the foot of the banking could be converted into a bog garden patch. I suggested a giant Gunnera but R is NOT in favour of that.

To other things - I have bought a cheap wind spinner - about five feet high - with two wheels of blades. These rotate in opposite direction if the breeze is blowing. This appeals to my childish delight in such things.

R has cut back the Japanese anemones as they are now more or less over but the roses flower on. Still have some courgettes and green tomatoes - I need to bring in the latter and bung them in a dark drawer with a banana to ripen them.

S from down the road brought us some reed mace and a lovely blue flowered comfrey so these have gone in - the former near the settling pond, the other nearer the Wendy House.

Just mowed all the grass, washed the mowers, tidied the shed, washed R's car, washed myself (shower), received new trailer for the sit-on mower so I can cart stuff around the garden, drunk a glass of diet coke, ate a few garlic sticks (the crunchy things in Bombay Mix) - all after golf this morning.
Now knack - very fatigued.

I am drawing up a list of jobs to pay someone else to do, have booked a couple of days away Scotland, reading C.J. Box's Breaking Point, having another glass of diet coke - fizz = problems later!

I have just looked to my right where the rainstick leans on the digeridoo - I really should bother to learn cyclical breathing.

Time for some Farrer's special mountain coffee - glorious stuff, tastes great, makes my hair curl!

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