Thursday, 11 December 2014


Cold outside (3C) and raining so driven in. Managed to tidy a bed by the wall - bulbs showing already, pruned the deutzia (at the wrong time) removing older wood and cutting back to a promising bud facing the way I want the plant to grow, and took cuttings (also at the wrong time). 

The quince against the wall I trimmed and it had suckers so I dug these up and replanted down in the veg bed area. The old trellis the quince was on has rotted so I removed this and untangled the wires holding it together. I am not sure it needs another support and will watch how it goes.

My fingers are FROZEN my thumbs are numb.

I have got the heating on!

Two days ago ice and frost, yesterday wet, today windy and showers with sun, ice and wintry showers forecast for tonight - it is good to have reliable weather.

I had not seen the goldfinches for a while so I got some more Nyger seed to mix with the sunflower and they are back - a delight.

The female greater-spotted woodpecker is now a regular visitor to the peanuts. The male and juveniles have a red splodge on the head.

It is amazing how much better a flower bed looks when it is tidied and mulched. I did this this morning - the poppy bed - and the mulch was a cocktail of old rotted horse manure and compost.

I have discovered a new stream across the lawn below the compost heap and now we have blocked in the main stream down the garden the water has nowhere to go - I feel another drain coming on!

Here are some premature daffs shoving though the leaf litter - I think they could be in for a nasty shock.

Well, midweek and today started like this and went steadily downhill - now evening and gales and lashing rain. Highlight of the day a visit to the gym - sad isn't it! Mind you the media are calling it a weather bomb - more a bit of a damp squib here.

Just been out digging the drain that's coming on but the hail and rain has driven me in - bit muddy and wet now. I have almost filled in the last bit of the old stream and it will just need flattening.
Only a short time to the shortest day and then the way will be forward (I hope).
It is getting dark and only 3 pm.

It is like an outdoor aviary through my window - up to fifteen to twenty small birds at a time around the feeders - sparrows, finches and tits. None of the more unusual winter visitors yet.

I need a hot cup of tea, light the woodburner and moan about my coldinthenose. I haven't had a cold for months and months!

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