Wednesday, 17 December 2014


First sprinkling of snow - Canada eat your heart out!

And now a hard frost but the pond remains clear as the water flowing through continually disturbs the surface preventing the ice from forming.

There are frost ferns on the cars, fascinating shapes, and the roads are icy.

The new drain (not finished yet, just a shallow trench) has running water which indicates to me a spring water source higher up - yes, another one.
A. is coming tomorrow to discuss draining the garden which will be another step forward. R has been telling me to do this for years and she is right - time I got it done rather than tread on spongy grass half floating in the sog.

All drains lead, ultimately, to the stream or the pond. It was glassy today and the reflection good.

It is now today, A has been - work assessed and they will probably start inn March(ish).

Pond in the morning

I put this pic in to show you that the sun does shine in the UK in December but it was not taken today as all is grey and gloomy.

I have spent some time trying to get the outside solar powered L.E.Ds working so they can twinkle in the Christmas darkness.

Outside the pansies are flowering in the pots and the tulips in this one have come through.

Despite the frosts the sweet peas are not dead - yet. Actually the passion flower has buds - it is usually cut back by now. You will note the rusty cow hanging from the fence with its bell (that does not ring). There are a few such things hanging about in the garden - old goggles, things the grandchildren have made and so on, me occasionally.

Time for another frost pic - 

Just a short blog - it is now Wednesday and we have been in Manchester where I have gone through yet another scan etc. 6 more months off but they want to stick the camera - well you know where. This will cheer up all my friends who have had this done!

Our thoughts also go out to RJ and H P and their tough few weeks.

It is the festive season and I cannot avoid it so here we gooooooooooooo . . . . 

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