Friday, 26 December 2014


Because the garden will look clean and sharp and I will not have to go out there - except my grandchildren are here so if it snows whilst they are present there is no way I can escape.

Actually, at the moment (Saturday) rain and hail are lashing my window on a strong westerly gale. This does not stop the birds stuffing their beaks on the feeders though.

The garden looks surprisingly green at the moment - all the water falling on it .

Sunday morning and I go out for wood for the fire - there are two little white egrets by the pond. They lift off and are chased away by carrion crows - hence I can make a size comparison. Global Warming has reached Cumbria.

The sweet peas are not dead yet as you can see. I have just tipped through the squelchy sods to the far corner and cut some thin willows for W to make a Christmas present by entwining the stems and such.

Now, I now these anthems should be long gone but . . .

Phew! I am full of Yuletide food and rich stuff. Slept 10.5 hours last night and could have gone on sleeping. My cold-in-dedose progresseth slowly. R has lost her voice and can only berate me in a whisper.

The poppy from the display around the Tower of London has arrived - commemorating the fallen in the first world war, and I have put it in a gin bottle on the side in the kitchen.

As usual I have messed up  who gets what present and Grandchildren have left without two. Son C is here at the moment but sadly not P, his spoused one, who has had to go to her parents. It is a shame as she always livens up the place and it wonderful to hear her singing in the hall.

And there this brief blog collapsed in a mess of Manflu on Tuesday evening. I have just risen from my litter and had a cup of tea - so a real C*appy Christmas (for me) the others said that they had a brilliant meal whilst I suffered upstairs issuing an occasional grunt.

My son has given me a spray of squirrel repellent as a gift - beware O small tree rats, here I come.

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