Sunday, 4 January 2015


Just been out, recovering from Manflu and it is COLD! Tidied some of the rose bed and picked up some kindling. Now my left thumb is very numb with cold.

The dawn is still getting later even though the evenings are beginning to get lighter - something to do with the wobbly earth. (Nothing to do with, 'Did the earth wobble for you?' and stuff.)

I have failed, so far, to get a pic of the little white egret but here are two heron shots from the bedroom window.

Ah man, (as Luke Davenport would say) there ain't gonna be any frogs in the water this year with all this interest.

I noted that the early crocuses are through by the rosa rubifolia and three inches high. Things are stirring underground.

We were given a pot and some white muscari for Christmas by D and J and these are potted up.
The third of the pots of paperwhites is starting to get a bit leggy and will need to be moved soon but, at least, we had some for the festive days.

The wallflowers bought in the autumn are doing fine - these are in the lily pot on the paving.

And the anthemis flowers on!

I must nip out and check the ties on the new trees but another day - need to thaw out.

Sunday morning and a hard frost overnight.

Went for a walk up the field the other day and noticed that the shallow channel from the spring was clogged. It is not really a spring but before we moved here the tenant farmer drained the back field - badly - and let the water run into the top of our property. If I do not keep the channel open it overflows all over the place into the garden.
So, out with a rake and a-clearing we do go.

Then down the channels in the garden removing sticks and dead leaves etc until I reach the pond. Here the water cress is already growing - not something I want to take over the pond. It prefers running water and as you can see by the outflow the pond is a big blob on the stream. This running water also is the reason why the pond has not frozen over as the surface is continually moving.

So I stumble into 2015, still coughing. 
R has gone to church.
I am going to coffee and must remember to take the mushroom soup she had made out of the oven.

I am not certain that I love marmite chocolate (sorry R) as there is no way enough marmite in there. Wait - I could spread the bar with marmite and . . . ?

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