Saturday, 10 January 2015


No cigarettes, perhaps a little whisky and no wild, wild women but wild wild weather.

My windmill is bent - could not take the strain.

And the garden is a menagerie. I am sorry R but the spray of squirrel repellent did not do much and the peanut feeders are regularly assaulted.
Then I wander upstairs to see two fat rabbits munching the lawn.

Yesterday was gales and driving rain flooding through the garden. Down by the settling pond a miserable looking, bedraggled heron was trying too shelter from the wet and wind. The pic is not sharp due the the copious amounts of water driving through the air between us.

Gardening is intermittent to say the least, R tidying, me picking up sticks and barrowing well rotted horse manure onto the rose bed.

 There are still flowers on some the roses and we have a small vase of them with some honesty seed heads in the kitchen.

 There are a plethora of blue tits on the feeders, many surviving the winter well.

The grasses and such as the cardoons have been left for the winter frost to coat them but all we get is westerly wet. You can just see the new growth at the bottom coming already.

Thank all sorts that we have a sanctuary here, away from the horrors humanity inflicts on itself - Paris, Australia - you name it.

What a waste of life, a gift that we all need to nurture and enjoy - yes, there are good times and bad times but that is all part of the incredible journey. In fact I think that I would like my last words to be that - What and incredible journey! But not quite yet - a little more road to travel I hope.

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