Wednesday, 25 February 2015

THE 499th BLOG

In the beginning there was a squirrel, well two then, Oh! dear, a lot. So the trap had to come out again and in three days I caught three tree rats and broke the law by not killing them but transporting them well away from here to secret locations where they were released (including the local supermarket and golf club car parks).

I watched this one going in and out of the trap for fifteen minutes getting peanuts and then sitting at the entrance stuffing its face, however, finally, wham! Gotcha!
On the grassy path up into the wood I have watched them digging. Presumably they are looking for buried food - but they leave a mess.

Today is mainly raking off the lower banking and heaping the rankings by the fence.
This reveals that there is a scattering of daffodils on the slope - from when the topsoil was replaced after building the house.

Water has always been a feature of the garden - not always desirable as per this newly discovered spring by the apple tree. The thing that looks like a toad in the bottom of the pic is actually a stone.

This spring will be, hopefully, piped when we get the garden drained a bit later this year.

After heavy rain the main stream is chunnering away down the drop to the lower garden.
We have planted snowdrops here and more need to be moved.

We have our first daffs - little ones by the shed - and the last 

pot of indoor bulbs is about to flower - better late than never.

This is the 499th blog I have done. (I hear you say 500 too many!) I have tried to reduce the blog output in the past but it just creeps up again so I may decide that this is the last but one. It seems that 500 would be an appropriate time to stop.

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