Wednesday, 20 May 2015


SO, R said to me that she would just go and get a bit of rhubarb to pop in the freezer - 12 pounds of it! The plants will be shot at! So I trimmed and washed and dried and chopped and packed into plastic bags and sucked out air and tied them up and they are now in the freezer as she wished. One slight problem is that we still have frozen rhubarb from last year to use up. This garden produces too much for us to use.

And so to drains and A and J digging and piping and gravelling and so on.  We have had a lot of rain so everywhere is a bit sodden. Time will tell if all this work will be worth it.

We have had a lot of asparagus for lunch - yummy. Here are new spears appearing through the soil surface. There is something a bit exotic with this crop - so little we eat is still seasonal - now you can get stuff all year round. Well, you can also get asparagus but it does not taste anything like as good as fresh from the garden.

The garden has had juvenile fledgling robins shuffling around for two weeks now - seems too early.

Here is Pondland and the Wendy House reflected in the surface.

And here is Pondland (nothing to do with cheap shopping (Poundland)) with a plastic heron and a feathery duck - mallard drake. She is sitting on eggs elsewhere so he comes down here for a quack.

The azaleas are out and smelling wonderful.

As is the horse chestnut with its "candles" of flower.

Here are two pics of the main flowerbeds with Sarah Raven's tulips pushing out colour.

 And finally to those delightful bunnies on the banking chomping on my plants - when in Oxford recently we went for excellent meal at The Magdalen Arms on Iffley Road - and I had RABBIT!

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