Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Always start in the right place - this is milady R at the pond using a broken-handled ridiculously short rake to try and remove some of the algae. It will go soon as plants like the waterlilies are growing well.

Next a getwellwish to my son C who has had his appendix extracted. He was sent home in a shorter time after than he waited before - if you know what I mean. I am not sure what I mean.

We have had our first asparagus, steamed and then eaten with a little melted salted butter and continue to consume rhubarb simply cooked in a pan with  little water. R then adds some sugar and I add sweetener (remember the ever expanding waist).

So there I am sitting minding my own computer when I look to the banking outside the window and two fat rabbits are munching away.
I think these are the fromthetopfield rabbits not the fromthebottomfield ones.

The dandelions are in great show everywhere and everywhere I do not want them to be! R loves the explosion of yellow in the roadsides at this time of year. I just wish they would go and explode elsewhere than in the garden. The main grass weed we have is the ribwort plantain which is not surprising as our lawn is just mown field.

On the fence at the end of the path by the vegbeds I planted there things - a passion flower, a yellow rose and a clematis. The latter is flowering well as you can see.

Now, something has been naughty with the Angelique tulips and snapped the heads off an inch (2.5 cm) or so below the flower. To try and save something of them I bunged them in a pudding bowl with water - better then nothing.

Before the blossom has finally gone here are three more pics. The leaves are beginning to obscure the flowers and petals are beginning to fall like snow.

We have bought a couple of choice plants from the now expanded Beetham Nurseries - bit pricey but in good nick - a scented blue iris for beside the pond and a big yellow flowered rue for R.

Now there are those who think my blog is a load of globes so here you are - actually lampshades (I suspect from that place Ikea)(where R loves to go and I DO NOT)(wandering around aimlessly in search of something). 
They are in the wonderful new gallery at Upfront Gallery at Unthank near Penrith, (which has a cafe).

Anyway this whole blog is a bit of a wind-up, isn't it?

Let me finish with a pic of the bluebells in our woodland - so evocative of an English spring.

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