Friday, 8 May 2015


This morning the garden is still, frozen in the sunlight, except of the eucalyptus whose leaves move in the slightest of breezes. 
I am not going to talk about elections (Mm, just have done).

Here is a snap of the thief, caught on the peanut feeder, then caught in the trap and removed. An hour or two later - another thief also removed and then today another one!

Other animals living in the garden include moles - here is the mess they have caused in the path by the Magnolia grandiflora.  I have considered calling in the catcher but R wants me to be more tolerant.

They do provide a supply of good soil but they could be more tactful as to where the dig their runs.
These are vole holes near the bonfire - the place is peppered with them.
We have wood pigeons nesting in the fir trees behind the big shed. They clatter about and search for dropped seed under the feeders. There seem to be about three pairs.

Down by the pond the blue comfrey has survived the digging and such.

The ducks have gone a-nesting elsewhere which is not really surprising considering the size of our pond.

However they keep popping back for a dabble and a snack.

Up by the greengage is a small rhododendron we brought here from Derbyshire. It had a very heady spicy scent that carries across the garden.
This is the bean bed full of sticks and nothing is up yet through the thick compost.

This is all within the rabbit proof fencing - and needs to be. Twice yesterday I put up a small rabbit hiding in one of the ditches dug to help drain the garden. That ditch will go when A and J put in the proper drains.

This spirea in gold glory is one of the shrubs surviving from the previous garden and house belonging to TJ. Every year it gets bigger and glows up by the wood.

Tulips are still flowering -  especially love these colourful ones.

We count the asparagus spears regularly - up to 30 now and my mouth waters at the thought of a little salted melted butter on them.
They have been so bad the last few years we hope and hope. We lost a few plants and these have been replaced but are not yet through.

If we could get a decent crop this year the bed will survive but if not . . . ?

So this is May and 6C and raining! No swallows or martins recently, heating on.

Today every time it rains it rains buckets from heaven!
Someone left a bird out in the rain. 
Rai-ai-ai-ai-n, when the rain comes etc.

The stream is overflowing, cascading out of the wood and churning up the pond.

Back to the Thief - we may not have flying squirrels in England (except in zoos) but they can certainly motor if need be.

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