Friday, 28 August 2015


The nettles are six feet high up at the top of the garden, intertwined with brambles and goosegrass. I have cleared out the streams that had become a bit clogged with growth and retreated in front of an assault by horseflies. (Out with a dab of hydrocortisone cream.)

The lovage has been cut back and the stuff chucked on the compost heap. This year I have not dried the stems for peashooters - lack of demand in this age of water guns etc.

So on this dismal of days let us have a blast of colour, nothing subtle here.

Yellow loosestrife at the top - the plain wild version - and an awful colour clash at the bottom, montbretia and achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl'.

Leaves are turning - the horse chestnut at the far wall, some of the lily pads on the pond.

Autumn is creeping nearer - spring straight to fall!
Yet morning light after rain if sunny is a delight, everything washed and sharp, a grey wagtail walking on the lily pads, a yaffle (green woodpecker) laughing in the trees 
the flower beds -

And the view down through the sunshine to the far garden from the wood.

I have begun to tidy up the strawberries and remove unwanted runners - if I potted them all I would fill a field. The first windfall apples are now stewed and delicious and I have noticed there are some damsons - which I did not expect. There are so many plums I am afraid the branches will break.

In the garden some herbs are in flower like the marjoram or here the applemint. My granddaughter has been collecting lavender seed heads to dry. She will then tie them up in small cloth bags. My mother used to put these in drawers with clothes for the scent.

Tuesday -
'Something, something,' R mouthed to me. We were in a cafe at High Newton having taken family to the southbound train.
Now, I am sure that she is speaking more softly recently. She says I am deaf.
Piece of paper and pen out, she writes - Alan Bennett, and there he was at the next table with his back to us.
'Don't you dare talk to him,' she said and I didn't - I didn't dare. 
Anyway he should be allowed to have his lunch in peace.

Ah! Fame - nearly got to talk to Alan Bennett - nearly - well, not really.

There is a Herb Bennet, Geum urbanum, the wood avens, and it grows in our garden - as a weed. It has sticky burrs but is not as delightful as its cousin Geum rivale, the water avens.

This also grows in our garden in the ditch by the stream - well, I think it does but it is so overgrown I cannot be sure.
So I have been out with the scythe and rake cutting the banks. I have also used the edge trimmers but they are a nuisance as they keep coming loose. I really could do with some new tools one day when I get around to it - if I ever do.

Though we have had rain - it was torrential in town today - we have had nothing like a few years ago -

Now that is wet!!

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