Thursday, 3 September 2015


Too much cheese late in the evening and I had a dream. We had arrived back from holiday to find A and J who dug our pond standing by the back door smiling.
"We have finished off all you asked us to do," A said
I walked around the house to find the whole garden, with then exception of two old trees at the far top corner, had been cleared. Everything was gone - plants, shrubs, trees, veg and fruit patch. All the garden was roughly strimmed grass and bare earth. There was nothing left but the pond and the shed.
Then I woke up and breathed a sigh of relief!

So it is September, rained off weeding and got by a horsefly again. Tragedy though - scything and scythed a frog! Sadly neatly removed its right back leg. There you are - an old softie - cannot kill squirrels, throw snails over the hedge etc etc. Next I will be removing ladybirds to protect the greenfly - well, perhaps not. Having said that I have eaten frogs' legs and culinary snails, the latter in garlic and butter, so . . .

Talking of wild life just had R searching my hair as have been in contact with nits (headlice) then I did her hair - nothing there - phew!

I am weeding hard - done the cutting bed and most of the raspberries and redcurrants are pruned and tied in.
Then a surprise - in the row of raspberries I found a rabbit burrow! So that is where the b*****************s are hiding. 
Thunder to the west of me, thunder to the east of me and dark clouds overhead - downpour time is here again.

We still have roses - the yellow Golden Showers, I think, on the fence by the gooseberries and the headily scented Emma Hamilton. If any rose should be called it this is the ultimate Boudoir rose.

Thursday - it was to be a quiet day - coffee with friends and such - then R went to the GP with a sore foot and we were off to Xray in Barrow (XR seems OK) and a crown came off a tooth so I was off to the dentist to be glued back together.
Anyway later we went to have a Champagne Afternoon Tea at Linthwaite House Hotel courtesy of B - THANKYOU! We celebrated B's birthday which happened to be the same day and stuffed our faces - doggy bag of leftovers in the kitchen. So the day ended well. (Actually it is raining again.)(So no gardening.)

Pontificating time -

I cannot imagine the horrors that the refugees that are flooding into Europe have undergone, are undergoing. This mass migration has tones of the last World War. Britain took the Ugandan Asians ejected by Idi Amin and many Kosovans during the Balkan Crisis. Now it is time that Europe organised itself, met the migrants and helped them, took details and relocated them with support. Of course there are more than one kind of migrant - those fleeing terror and injustice, those seeking a better life, those just wanting to take advantage of the benefits system etc. Nevertheless it is time for the European Community as a whole to be positive and help the desperate not just try to put up barriers to their entry. Anyway barriers are not working/will not work.

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