Friday, 9 October 2015


Out scything part of the lower wood and I uncovered many - 40+ - mole hills and holes. We are a waistcoat! Sunday is the last day of sun for tomorrow it rains. The warm dry spell is about to cease. We have been offered a few trailer loads of horse manure - hooray.
This will need to be carted around the garden - Mmmm!
Wallflowers are planted and the tops pinched out to make them bushier.
The summer seats are away in the shed and wooden stuff brought under cover. Fog is with us.

I have picked the last of the diminutive Conference pears (not a success) and last Bramley apple. We have spinach for supper tonight from the garden and a few runty broad and french beans are left. The courgettes still produce - in fact they have really only just got going. 

So much is late this year because of the cold summer - cardoons and Michaelmas daisies only just flowering.
Sunday sun, Monday Rain, Tuesday rain and grey - SAD time is here for some of us. 

So time for some colour!

 The first two from Holehird Gardens in Windermere.

The rest from The Nook -  late roses,
Nasturtiums - these are allowed to self seed, Helianthus,

and two red admiral butterflies on the yellow buddleia.

You will notice that these shots were taken in the now missing sunshine.

So this is Wednesday, and what have we got, summer is over, so not a lot.

I have finished cutting the lower banking and only fell over twice - this means I have to be very careful with the scythe! R has been out dead heading and has brought flowers into the house - it is always good to have flowers around inside.

R was told that blackberries, elderberries and apples make a good jam so I nipped out and picked some of both berries. We still had the last apple off our Bramley so they were prepared and cooked with a little sugar.
It was delicious.
I had mine with creme fraiche, R had hers with some luxury vanilla custard from the supermarket!

The rosehips are splendid on the Rosa rubifolia - but we do not make rosehip syrup any more.

Last evening (Tuesday) it was 19C here, this morning it is 11.5C. Time for wooly combinations?

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