Sunday, 29 November 2015


Looking into things, well, not myself personally, has been the theme of today (Friday) having just been to have a gastroscopy without sedation. Quite interesting but then I would say that!

Trouble brewing over the Ulverston annual Dickensian Festival when the streets are lined with stalls and 40,000 people come for the two days. The organisers have used the hashtag dickfest on twitter - Oh-Oh!
Mind you we do have a large monument on the hill above the town . . .

So this morning - 3 squirrels. One managed to demolish a seed feeder yesterday. Rain - have I mentioned rain before this autumn (now winter?) - is forecast for the next 5 days with little relief. It does get a bit monotonous and depressing. Another tree surgeon coming this morning to quote - hope it is a bit cheaper or we could have the tree for longer.

Still some leaves on trees, especially the Magnolia stellata, and almost December. The great white cherry has finally turned, the gale stripping the tree.

Sometimes thinking of the garden can keep me awake - ideas, plans, tasks to do (lots of those) and I am awake.
Last night at 1 am the moon was just past full and shining over Morecambe Bay. So out with the camera and mess about a bit -

This was taken from the living room window.

So, what to do when it rains so much?
It is best to keep off much of the garden as feet only damage soggy turf. It is time to make some more plum jam, start on Christmas cards etc etc.

And it is almost December - two months of darkness before the snowdrops lighten the world and fill it with hope of a spring and summer to come.

Actually, I think it has stopped raining. This means that, when R returns from church we will be off to the Dickensian Festival to get shoved around in the crowds. When it is really busy one needs to be a Tyson Fury!
(6 ft 9 ins (2.057 metres) new World heavyweight boxing champion)(not that I like boxing)(but you get what I mean.)

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