Monday, 28 December 2015


All in all we have escaped (so far) from the devastating floods affecting so many towns, villages, even cities in the north of England. Res the garden has been wet - but not washed away. The weather remains mild and damp with regular storms blowing in from the Atlantic.
I have just received the catalogue from Burncoose Nurseries and there are now or two very tempting plants in there - not cheap - but high quality.
We have been away for Christmas in Herefordshire with family - the first not spent at home for, I guess, thirty-five years? It was very special.

We have a few roses left and there are plants all over the place like some bergenias in full flower I saw the other day. One of the the teasels has not died back but after having last year's stems removed is coming into bud again.

The (am I losing it? Can't remember its name) hellebore by the magnolia is in flower as is one of the brachyglottis. More to be expected, the winter flowering honeysuckle is also coming into bloom.

In the garden jobs mount up - the main path is badly mossed now and will need something radical done to it - unless I decide I like moss of course.

A mole decided to dig by the house and got a shock as there is only a shallow layer of soil over hardcore. This is a hardcore mole hill.

C's duck has received a companion - well I did - from B for Christmas. 

I think it is a sort of heron with two young in the nest. Anyway the duck has company now.

I also got a hanging bird table (not that that will make the slightest difference to the squirrels - acrobats of the animal world) and that is also in place waiting for the diners.

And so to the artistry of, I think, my grandson on his parent's car - nuff said.

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