Friday, 4 December 2015


The heavens have got to be empty!
The small plank bridges are washed away, the banks of the stream are under water.
The pond is a mess.

The squirrels are bedraggled.
The birds are sodden.
I am not going out there.
I shall light the wood burner.
I shall make a hot cuppa and sit by the fire and do some Christmas cards.
We are awash.
A gale is blowing.
The trees are shedding twigs and small branches.

So, one muddy pond, bleached heron to the right - needs a repaint - (The bush is a winter flowering Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn") and diggings to try and sort the liner problem at the back left.

The view from the living room outside door window through rain spattered glass. Note the great white cherry still has it's autumn leaves but the rest is dreary.

Finally it stopped but the water has got under the pond liner so I went out, diverted streams (boy stuff) unblocked things where overflowing was happening, raked the remains of leaves off paths and then tried to drain the pond - failed. The moorhen does not mind though. It sits on the raised liner using it as a small island.

Next day - woke to pouring rain AGAIN!!

So let's skip yesterday. Now it is Wednesday and outside it is very windy and, believe it or not (a Ripley moment) it is, you've guessed it, raining!

Yesterday we turned off the Aga for  service man but he got swamped in a flood twenty miles away. It is still off - we wait - and meanwhile I hear nothing. 
I ought to be out in the garden doing something but -
Nothing from the Aga man so it is relit.
Have quote from tree surgeon and have accepted so chop chop.

The orchid in the kitchen is suddenly losing flowers which it does - 3 months dormant, 3 months flowering - just in time for Christmas.

Today it is Thursday and when I woke it was - you guessed it - raining!!

So I made some shortbread at the suggestion of R as we have run out of biscuits.

Recipe - Mrs Tyson's Shortbread.

12oz plain flour, 8 oz softened butter
Rub together till soft crumb then add -
4oz ground rice (rice flour) and 4 oz caster sugar
Knead well and put in greased tin. about one inch thick.
Cook on low heat till golden brown.

Cut into fingers whilst still slightly warm but leave in tin until cold.

The squirrels have eaten all the sunflower seed so I go out and brave the weather to fill up the feeders - and get wet.

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