Saturday, 12 December 2015


Tree down, windmill broken, dog has lost its head but other wise we have got off relatively unscathed. You can see the man up the tree on the right. Now we have a lot of logs for the burner. It has changed the whole aspect at the rear of the house and now we must think of a good evergreen hedge to grow in poor soil - perhaps laurel. 

Bay might have been an option but the winds come from the north over the field and bay's hardiness might be suspect.  

The windmill has been partially repaired and sprayed gold from an old can I found in the shed. I have not yet got one of the vanes to turn without undoing the nuts on the end so it keeps falling off. 

Then there is the tragedy of our nodding dog.  Fortunately I can pop his head back on quite easily.

First there is a liner, then there is no liner, then there is - apologies to Donovan. I seemed to have temporarily sorted pond with drainpipe between liner and matting.

(Film of floods on my Facebook site.)

So back to gardening which is mainly to clear stuff and pick up sticks, stay off the grass and kneel by the pond in the mud praying. The alchemilla is still a mess as seen here - this gives you an idea of what I need to do - work that should have been done earlier in the autumn.

The winter spinach is doing well - the mild wet weather seems to suit it. We still have roses in the garden - a few - I have always managed a small vase on the table at Christmas.

I have not yet cleaned out and planted up the various pots and containers so that is another thing to do.

It is strange to be here in December with the tops of the first daffodils showing, buds greening on the flowering currant and azaleas and the rambling roses still growing (as is the grass). (Cannot mow though - too wet.)

I see Mr Badhairday in USA decided to go a little more bonkers. I might worry about Vlad in Russia but the thought of Don in America - in charge - fall down in hysterics - as a certain tennis player has said - "You cannot be serious!" I am glad I am not a Mexican moslem.

Now for a mug of Yorkshire Gold tea.

And I leave you with a image of the view from the house on a lovely sunny day -

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