Thursday, 17 December 2015


In the beginning there were bacteria and then there developed a whole host of plants including - algae, liverworts, mosses, horsetails, ferns, gingkoes, conifers, magnolias, other trees, flowering plants etc etc.

All of these are in our garden and other things like quillworts and clubhouses can be found within twenty miles.
Mind you we could do without the proliferation of some in less desirable locations - liverworts on the paths, moss on the drive, algae in the pond, horsetails anywhere.

Harts-tongue fern

Moss on wall

Green algae


So to the garden otherwise know as the bog, marsh, quagmire - take your pick. More alkathene pipe up it and the pond drains again until it blocks again then more alkathene . . . etc etc. The moorhen is back though - great to see it at first light paddling about.

And I trimmed off the lower new shoots off the damson trees. You wouldn't think they had thorns like this but they do - painful! Suppose there is something very blackthorn about them - very sloe. Perhaps a natural sort of protection from predators such as moi! However they do taste better than sloes though gin made with both is delicious.
Picked our first sprouts as we had a frost yesterday - to be eaten tonight with some roast chicken.
They were delicious and tasted of something unlike many bought and served in restaurants.

I watched the last part of Monty Don's history of British gardening and it gave me ideas. Perhaps the stream can be modified to give a succession of little pools? This is not a super controlled like the big gardens but something very minor. It would put more sound of running water into the garden - as if we do not have enough at the moment. (Rain forecast for the next few days.)(Again)

I have covered the top of the new log stack with some plastic sheeting but left the side open so the wind can try and dry it out. It is all ash wood so good to burn.
So am I in the garden labouring away? Well today, Tuesday I think, I slept long, got up, ate breakfast, had a nap, went out for lunch, came in, had a nap and am now feeling tired!! And the Blogger site is centring everything no matter what I do. Cannot get the words to left justify.  Like this dog in Cark I can't wait to get out - ha, ha!
Enough is enough - I need a rest.

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