Thursday, 10 March 2016


So spring has arrived and again, this morning, we was to snow - admittedly slushy but a couple of inches. It did not stop the goldfinches coming to the new squirrel proof feeder.

The ducks are on the pond most days now, dabbling away bottom feeding. I suppose there must be something to eat or they would not come.

The fat rabbit sits by the flowering currant most days if there is sun.

One regret is that I have still to see a hedgehog in the garden - have seen one three hundred yards away but not here. That does not mean they are not around though. I have created heaps of sticks in the wood in the hope they will use them to hibernate. One day it is cloudy and the next it is cold. A little hail overnight. 

When we get the paving repointed I wonder where the voles and mice will go. Currently, those that are not living in the bankings are under the slabs. Anyway we cannot repoint the lot as I have plonked a shed on part of it. We do have other transients - badger I am sure occasionally and once a fox. As yet I have not seen a deer but they are nearby. And I haven't mentioned grey squirrels!

Time to think on - snakes and slow worms? Definitely frogs and toads and perhaps newts, certainly moles.

That only leaves grandchildren I think.

Monday and gloriously sunny. Frost and the Northern Lights last night but sitting in sun this afternoon and warm.  R weeded and tidied her euphorbia bed and I topped it with compost as the soil is so poor. I weeded down by the stream and shed - all the while the  wild ducks waited patiently at the other end of the pond not alarmed at all.
The lamb gang is back in the field and will be out through the gate soon.

Yesterday pruned the willow and collected more fallen sticks. Then I explored the rhododendron and bramble jungle by the top fence looking for rabbit holes and found one. Don't know if it was deep enough but I put a light stick in the entrance to block it. Tomorrow we will see if it has been moved.

The pots outside the kitchen are looking good and the dog has recovered from losing its head. 

The euphorbias are coming into flower but we will have to wait and see whether the alliums have seeded.

The small blue iris that were a bit of a disappointment last year and I forgot were in the pots are splendid! 

All in all spring is afoot, even the orchid from Ikea is coming into flower yet again after a rest.

Mowed the banking and trimmed the lavender a bit to tidy it.
And now the forecast is for a week of dry weather - astonishing but badly needed.

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  1. What a lot you have achieved. Putting us to shame. However, I have just this morning made a plan on paper.If it works it should look good in the second half of the year. Meantime it`s "Where to start?"