Thursday, 14 April 2016


It is true - you can grow potatoes on a balcony, in your back yard, all you need is enough room for a couple of empty sacks and some compost. Oh! And some potatoes.
Pierce the bottom of the empty sack for drainage and then half fill with compost. Put your seed potato in the middle (or two if you want more but smaller ones) and cover. As the plant grows put in more compost - like earthing up in the garden - until the sack is full. When the tops die back tip out and enjoy.
I you use early potatoes then you can have your own delicious new ones at hand. 
One important thing is to make sure the sacks do not dry out.

As you know one thing I enjoy is photographing my garden and what goes on therein.

You can have no idea the trouble I had with this photo of a squirrel - it was gloomy and the camera flashed causing the eye to be lit up like a beacon. I had not seen much of the tree rats for a while but then accidentally spilled then peanuts on the paving and voila!

Mister Pheasant is around regularly - with two hens in close attendance. I know he is outside the window as he burbles in contentment at his lot.

One April morning I looked out of the kitchen and it was a glorious morning.

Along the side of the house the great sycamore was in the sun above the early mist and the sun enhanced the colours - as with these anemones, fully open in the brightness. So I went around the corner and decided I had to have a panorama of the garden.

So Sunday and a beautiful day though a chill wind - mowing and hoeing, moved more snowdrops in the green and all day long a song thrush belting out its tripling melody from the old ash.
And as I mowed beside the pond a big frog leaped into the water so the heron did not get the lot.

We have our first blossom - the Victoria plum - just hope frost does not get it and stop it setting. Up in the wood the anemones are doing well and the primrose banking is full of flowers. The green leaves seen in the photo are red campion - yet to come.

We have a visiting pair of bullfinches. They do not squabble but this looks a bit like they are not on speaking terms at the moment.

Apart from that all is really a load of rhubarb, forced to the right, not to the left.

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  1. This paints a wonderful picture of English/Furness Springtime. Thank you.