Friday, 6 May 2016


There are all sorts of cherries, not just trees - Bob Cherry (Billy Bunter's schoolmate), Trevor Cherry (Leeds and England fullback), Cherry Wainer (organist with Lord Rockingham's XI), the bake off lady Mary Cherry - no hang on Berry - actually a cherry is not a berry it's a drupe.
Where did I ramble to - Pondicherry, Cheeryble Brothers - now this is getting out of hand.
Anyway there are more flowering trees at it in the garden than cherries - amelanchier, magnolia stellata, damsons, Victoria plum, wild plum, blackthorn - you see what I mean.

 I cannot stop nipping out to take photographs like the one above.

Though blossom and daffodils are the main thing at the moment (chuck in a few thousand bluebells) new leaves are also a treat. Left Acer sango-kaku, right a cercidiphyllum. The small shrub below cost virtually nothing at a Christmas Fare. I wonder if the white and green is the reversion or the gold.

 There are other flowers in the garden - the forgetmenots in the rose bed (and up in the wood where we chucked the remains from clearing the old plants over the last few years.)

Managed to nip out and do a little mowing before heading to the jungle at the top of the garden and debrambling it. The soil was so soft I could pull whole blackberry plants out of the ground.  So half done and cleared. Hopefully the bluebells all spread and fill the area. Later in the year I will gather seed and help the process.

The first few asparagus spears have appeared, a bit early but who's complaining.

R continues to deadhead the daffs and I have dug out the stream in the far garden. After 36 hours of rain, though, the lower garden is a sponge - sodden.

And finally some warmer, drier weather.
Just been away and R has taken a fancy to a Snow Gum - a white barked eucalyptus so now I am searching for one.
We managed Studley Royal with Fountains Abbey, Newby Hall and Ripley Castle gardens in one day and then went to the RHS at Harlow Carr the next!

At Harlow Carr there was an eye blinder of a tulip bed. And with little photoshopping a rogue tulip appeared! Can you spot it on the right? 

We have so much rhubarb I am wondering what to do with it - making rhubarb and ginger jam is a fussy drag and the freezer is still full of last year's crop.

Anyone wants some and will come and get it let me know.

Today has been a mowing day and a discovery that after waging war on ground elder I have failed and it is spreading on the bankings. If I had a gun (or a ballista) I would shoot the Romans who brought it here. The same goes for rabbits, I mean shoot the Romans for them too.

Now R wants to saw the posts off our four-poster bed - sigh!
I'm going to have a beer.

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