Sunday, 1 May 2016


Let me start with the cherry trees - they have been just fantastic.

Then we had hail and then rain. On friday I woke to snow - not settling but it is nearly May. When the chilly sun came out everything in the garden was washed and bright.

And so to the bee covered skimmias - male right and female, still with last year's berries on the left. And the male is heavily scented.

Down in the kitchen garden (potager) the six parsley plants are still alive, the rhubarb is good and the rest of that bed waiting for warmer weather. Inside the rabbit proof fence the spinach and strawberries are ok.

There are flowers on the redcurrant and coming on the gooseberries. 

The tulips are still glorious, especially the red, orange and yellow. We have some pink Annabelle near these and they do clash!

It has not been the best weather for gardening - so cold as well as damp but flowers press on, especially the bluebells in the far wood.

I have rabbited on about cherries but now a bit on the glorious damson by the veg beds. We have half a dozen or more trees but this is the best. Unfortunately the recent frost may have scuppered any chance of fruit - time will tell. The thing beneath the tree is a rhubarb forcing pot.

Considering the weather I realise it is impossible to go a mowing as everywhere is so wet. I suppose I should move to Andalusia and then would not have so much of a problem. Mind you I might be praying for irrigation. You want green you need water - here it just comes from the sky!

A lot.

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  1. We used to put out annuals in May. About the second week. If that is to happen this year the weather will have to take up pretty quickly. Rather disheartening, even for our tiny plot.