Wednesday, 22 June 2016


In the beginning there were heaven and earth and this afternoon most of heaven has fallen on us - as rain.
So let's brighten up the world with some oriental poppies - Cedric Morris, Patty's Plum and Goliath.

Now time for a white rabbit - white so important in the garden.

Crambe above left, peony above right then a geranium on the left and finally a penstemon on the right. It makes such a different to have white (even it is daisies in the lawn (or clover)).

Sunday is Father's Day and so I went farther down the garden than recently and lit the bonfire with last years bank statements etc. Now all my clothes smell of woodsmoke.

Yesterday R had a friend from when she first went to school and her husband for lunch. A good afternoon and then son 2 came for supper. That meant the lawns had to be mown before and I just managed it before the rain came.

I had forgotten I had wandered the garden looking for bare patches and sown calendulas from seed my daughter had given me. They are coming up all over the place.

I am going to have to design something different for the strawberries as they are going mouldy before I can pick them. Some sort of elevated bed where the fruit can hang over the side might be the answer - or a trip to the greengrocer.

The Rambling Rector rose is in full fling cascading out of the trees.
A short lived burst of white exploding from the briars.

 Another rose doing well is this Golden Showers at the back of the house.
Also the valerian by the gate - red and pink spreading. The white on is down near the Wendy House.

The geraniums come and go like the one here on the right and the alchemilla mollis, much loved by R, is finally flowering (all over the place)(and seeding itself).

Then down in the pond the water lilies, a primitive plant, are thriving and spreading. Large on nearer the shed, a smaller one further up.
The pond is really starting to look mature.

We have a pair of carrion crows causing much alarm - even the rooks are chasing them off. I grew up on a farm so know what they can do to a sheep or lamb - not nice.

I am here writing the blog because, surprise, it is raining. 
And it is raining politicians - Europe - in, out, shake it all about - can we really be stupid enough to vote to leave. If we do I might move to Scotland as they won't leave.
Forget it, turn on iTunes and chose a random song - For No one by the Beatles.
To finish with a couple of more pics of Carstramont Woods and a wild garden -


  1. The `Rambling Rector` certainly lives up to its` name. My son-in-law planted FOUR, imagine, FOUR along a Japanese style bamboo fence along the side of his patio. He hacks them back several times a year normally only this year there are so many flower buds still to open that he has left them. They have formed a tall screen which at first provides seclusion but after a few days of that the feeling turns almost to claustrophobia. His plan is to `Lay` them down as a hedge. If only he had taken advice before planting four in such a small space.

  2. Our two go twenty feet up trees and are still growing. A fantastic display but only for a short time.

  3. I love the next to the last pic. It looks very mysterious looking down into the woods. Whatever happens with Brexit, hopes it turns out well for you.

  4. I love the next to the last pic. It looks very mysterious looking down into the woods. Whatever happens with Brexit, hopes it turns out well for you.

  5. Usual political shambles - lots of people who don't know the facts making the wrong decision. If it was not for the garden we might consider moving to Scotland.